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  • Organic Chemistry for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced): Part 1, 2E, a Cengage Learning Exam Crack Series trade; product, is designed to help aspiring engineers focus on the subject of organic chemistry from two standpoints:

    1. To develop their caliber, aptitude and attitude for the engineering field and profession.
    2. To strengthen their grasp and understanding of the concepts of the subjects of study and their applicability at the grass roots level.
    Each book in this series approaches the subject in a very conceptual and coherent manner. While its illustrative and solved examples will facilitate easy mastering of the concepts and their applications, an array of solved problems will expose the students to the variety and nature of questions that they can expect to face in the examination. The coverage and features of this series of books make it highly useful for all those preparing for JEE (Advanced) and aspiring to become engineers.


    • Paperback: 906 pages
    • Publisher: Cengage Learning India Private Limited (2018)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 9387511472
    • ISBN-13: 978-9387511477
    • Product Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 1 cm
    Title : Organic Chemistry for Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Advanced) Part 1
    Publisher : Cengage Learning India Private Limited (2018)
    Authors : K. S. Verma
    Binding : Paperback
    Pages : 906
    ISBN-13 : 978-9387511477
    Variation : New - Used
  • Known for its accuracy and depth of cartographic details, this Oxford School Atlas is widely trusted by the researchers, students and general readers. This book is the outcome of the sincere effort and the struggle of the experts, who tried their best to keep it simple so that students find it easy to learn and complete their practical works. It is fully informative and its detailed maps, charts and diagrams will help the pupils enhance their knowledge of the country location, mountains, rivers and mineral reserves.

    This new 35th edition of the atlas includes tutorials and exercise for all levels so that one can practice to brush up their knowledge. Great for beginners and intermediate, it contains almost 200 easy-to-understand maps and 94 thematic maps of India, followed by charts and diagrams. The detailed political and physical maps related to India make the atlas handy for students at all levels. It also covers the core thematic issues starting from climate to wildlife.

    Key Features of this Atlas:

    ? Latest available socio-economic and demographic data are provided. The data has been gathered from Authorsitative sources, such as Statistical Year Book 2013, HDR 2013, Census of India 2011, PRB 2012, Planning Commission and many more.

    ? Comprises political and physical maps of India and the continents separately.

    ? Includes new and informative thematic maps, 20 of which are covering the Indian agriculture, 17 on human development and demography while the remaining 15 on industries as well as minerals.

    ? Revolves around the recent geo-political and socio-economic developments and the concerns relating to the climate and environment.

    ? Extensive coverage of the continents, which include regional maps of regions and countries and also the thematic features of each continent.

    ? Comprises a new section on ‘World-Facts and Figures’, which covers the latest information regarding each country including ‘World-Geographic Comparisons’, ‘World-Statistics’, a ‘World-Time Zones’ map and flags.

    ? Consists of fully revised and updated index.


    • Paperback:?140 pages
    • Publisher:?Oxford University Press; First Edition edition (2016)
    • Language:?English
    • ISBN-10:?9780199460717
    • ISBN-13:?978-0199460717
    • ASIN:?019946071X
    • Product Dimensions:?1 x 1 x 1 cm
    Title : Oxford School Atlas
    Authors : Oxford University Press
    Edition : First Edition edition (2016)
    ISBN-13 : 978-0199460717
    Publisher : Oxford University Press
    Pages : 140
    Binding : Paperback
    Variation : New - Used
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    5,599.00 599.00
    Publisher : Pace
    Variation : Used
  • One needs to be thoroughly grounded in the subjects to manage all those ‘surprises and challenges’ projected by the rapidly changing exam pattern of JEE to realize the dreams of studying in one of the premier engineering institutes. Essential physical chemistry for JEE main and advanced for engineering aspirants has been designed to meet present-day requirements vis-à-vis the changing thrust of questions asked. With a uniform emphasis to the basic theories, their advanced implications and the consequent numerical applications will develop skills of ‘analysis’ and comprehension into students. Each of the 17 chapters includes sufficient solved examples, practice numerical, theoretical questions of different difficulty levels and MCQS in various formats for systematic and complete mastery over all aspects of physical chemistry. To make learning possible with anytime, anywhere the book comes with free 20 video lectures accessible through your mobile



    • Paperback: 1206 pages
    • Publisher: Arihant Publications; Tenth edition (2018)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 9312147153
    • ISBN-13: 978-9312147153
    • Product Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 1 cm
    Title : Physical Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced
    Authors : Ranjeet Shahi
    Publisher : Arihant Publications
    Binding : Paperback
    Variation : New - Used
    • Paperback
    • Publisher:?Unique Delhi (2018)
    • ISBN-10:?9351879259
    • ISBN-13:?978-9351879251
    • Package Dimensions:?23.8 x 15 x 1 cm
    270.00 170.00
    Title : The Indian Economy-by Sanjiv Verma
    Authors : Sanjiv Verma
    ISBN-13 : 978-9351879251
    Publisher : Unique Delhi (2018)
    Binding : Paperback
    Variation : New
  • SAA Rizvi?s The Wonder that was India?Volume II is a groundbreaking enquiry into the history of India during the period of Islamic political dominance in the subcontinent. Through meticulous research and painstaking study, Rizvi pieces together a comprehensive account of the five hundred years between the thirteenth and eighteenth centuries, detailing the political histories of the Arabs, Turks, Afghans and Mughals. From his exploration of the social and economic conditions, the state, religion and the fine arts, a vibrant picture emerges of a massive and fertile exchange that would influence the destiny of more than billion people. This volume, along with AL Basham?s classic The Wonder that was India, offers an extensive and engrossing view of the pre-colonial history of India. It is equally for the serious student and the interested reader.


    • Paperback:?416 pages
    • Publisher:?Picador; 2005 edition (21 February 2005)
    • Language:?English
    • ISBN-10:?0330439103
    • ISBN-13:?978-0330439107
    • Product Dimensions:?15.4 x 2.4 x 22.7 cm
    599.00 340.00
    Title : The Wonder That Was India Vol. 2
    Authors : S. Rizvi
    Edition : 2005 edition (21 February 2005)
    ISBN-13 : 978-0330439107
    ISBN-10 : 330439103
    Publisher : Picador
    Pages : 416
    Binding : Paperback
    Variation : New
  • People all around the world are fascinated by Indian history, culture and the way people are still connected with their roots. This book covers comprehensive Indian history that includes culture, religion, governance, social evolution, tradition, languages, philosophy and science. It reveals the glorious pas of India from the time of Harappa civilization and settlement to Aryan invasion theory.

    Starting from Indus Valley civilization along with detailed information about Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro, the book explores early time periods that throw light on India?s rich cultural heritage. It traces various time periods and eras of Indian history with extensive source of text, which is narrative, simple to understand and keeps the reader engaged.

    Following massive research and findings, the Authors has even explained about Aryan invasion theory in the book. Furthermore, the book even talks about evolution of Hindu religion that has been followed from the Harappa times and even at the time when Aryans invaded India.

    The book also highlights some common beliefs and influences in Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. All regions in India are influenced by each other, but it was Jainism and Buddhism that mainly brought non-violence and vegetarian aspect into Indian religions.

    For those who are looking forward to learn some interesting facts about Indian history and culture, the book contains almost everything: from traces of ancient invasions to modern-day evolution for the readers to enjoy and gain knowledge about.

    About the Authors:

    A well-known historian, educationist, indologist and Authors, Arthur Llewellyn Basham is credited with having produced numerous books over the many decades he spent at teaching, studying and research.


    • Paperback:?416 pages
    • Publisher:?Picador; 2005 edition (21 February 2005)
    • Language:?English
    • ISBN-10:?0330439103
    • ISBN-13:?978-0330439107
    • Product Dimensions:?15.4 x 2.4 x 22.7 cm
    599.00 470.00
    Title : The Wonder That Was India: 1
    Authors : A.L. Basham
    Edition : Indian ed edition (15 December 2004)
    ISBN-13 : 978-0330439091
    Publisher : Picador
    Pages : 572
    Binding : Paperback
    Variation : New
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    “IIT JEE is just too hard to crack”, is a prevalent delusion amongst the aspirants. Facing a competition
    from about 15 lac aspirants is definitely not easy but believable through carefully tested strategies,
    different time management and realistic expectations.
    Understanding Physics series by DC Pandey, explains all phenomena’s through, reasons from principles,
    rather than by analogy and usually that reason is Physics.
    Electricity and Magnetism, the fourth of the five best sellers in Physics for JEE Main and Advanced makes
    electromagnetism such an important and all pervasive components of our existence effectively. Without
    deviating to superficialities the book examines fundamental concepts and relationship between
    electricity and magnetism in 6 chapters. In each chapter, exposition of the subject matter is kept simple
    but effective to strategically strengthen concepts as well as their applications to Problem Solving.
    Complete theory, series of solved and unsolved examples in varied situations final touch points for exam,
    and previous 5 Years’ JEE Main and Advanced Questions make the book must have for all those desiring to
    be firm-footed in the subject.
    Table of Contents
    Current Electricity, Electrostatics, Capacitors, Magnetics, Electromagnetic induction, Alternating Current
    Hints and Solutions
    JEE Main and Advanced Previous Years’ Questions (2017-13)

    Title : Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Electricity & Magnetism
    Authors : D. C. Pandey
    Publisher : Arihant Publications
    Binding : Paperback
    ISBN-13 : 978-9312147184
    Pages : 763
    Variation : New - Used
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    Just like any other examination, textbooks play a crucial role in achieving success in various engineering entrances like JEE Main and JEE Advanced. The textbooks designed for engineering entrances aim at presenting the in-depth knowledge which helps the students grasp the concepts better leading to a strong foundation of exhaustive knowledge and ultimately the success seems near.

    The fully revised 17<sup>th</sup> edition of Mechanics Volume-2 of Understanding Physics Series covers the foundations of Mechanics in an effective and easily comprehensible manner. Starting with a brief review of the basic review of the basic of Rotational Motion and Gravitation, the book takes up the in-depth discussion of the SHM, Elasticity and Fluid Mechanics. The book has been divided into six chapters Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum and Collision, Rotational Mechanics, Gravitation, Simple Harmonic Motion, Elasticity and Fluid Mechanics, each focusing on concept building and application of the concepts in solving varied physical problems. This is the only book having detailed Text Matter along with all types of questions like Single Correct Option, Multiple Correct Option, Assertion-Reason, Comprehension Based Questions and Single Integer Answers. The exercises have been divided into two sections i.e. JEE Main and JEE Advanced. This comprehensive guide covers various topics, their theory and also example exercises to facilitate proper understanding of the topics discussed. The theoretical content in the book has been explained with diagrams, graphs, illustrations and tables to facilitate easy understanding of the concepts. After the comprehensive study of the concepts covered in the chapters, solved examples based on the same have also been given. At the end of the book Hints and Solutions for all the exercises have been given for comprehensive understanding of the concepts on which the problems are based.



    • Paperback: 648 pages
    • Publisher: Arihant Publication; Seventeenth edition (2017)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 9311125296
    • ISBN-13: 978-9311125299
    Title : Understanding Physics for JEE Main & Advanced Mechanics - Part 2
    Authors : D. C. Pandey
    Binding : Paperback
    Pages : 648
    Publisher : Arihant Publications
    Variation : New - Used